Brown's Run, the little stream that gave our club its name, has a history that goes back to the Revolutionary War period. It seems that a certain Richard Brown chanced our way in 1798, shortly after the war ended.

According to local history, Brown was a member of a party of settlers, led by Army Col. Samuel Hawkins, heading west for Kentucky. But they ended up in Ohio's Twin Creek Valley instead, now a part of our own Madison Township and one of the most picturesque valleys in Ohio.

A view of the property looking southwest over what is now the driving range and practice green.

A picture of the Pro Shop and Clubhouse in 1956.

In 1801 the land was surveyed by the new government and offered for sale. Brown bought a sizeable piece along a rivulet that in time was to become known as Brown's Run. Richard Brown settled there and hunted and trapped during the early 1800's. (Ohio became a state in 1803.)

Brown's Run Country Club was established in 1956 when a group of Middletonians utilized the rolling terrain of the Niderdale Dairy Farm to build a golf course that has stood the test of time. For over 50 years Brown's Run is still a member-owned club.