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 Top ten reasons why you should consider becoming a member at a private country club:

  1. Convenience. You can access what you want when you want. 
  2. Safety. At a private club your family is surrounded by known employees and fellow members.
  3. Camaraderie. You become part of a family, a team, a collection of people who share the same ideals. You become part of something where the sum of the whole is greater than the individual.
  4. Speed of Play. A five hour round of golf is unheard of at a private club.
  5. Conditions. The conditions of the facilities are tended after with more care and money.
  6. One stop entertainment. Golf, Swim, Tennis, Dining are all in one place for you, your spouse or your family, there are not many opportunities to satisfy so many needs.
  7. Service Expectations. It is unfortunate that good service is becoming scarcer. A private club exudes service. A member’s favorite food, beverage, playing partners becomes a known fact to all the staff. 
  8. Golf experience. This can be related to the course condition but I believe it more closely related to the relationship with the Home Golf Professional. What golfer does not want to play better? The golf professional at a private club will have an opportunity to gain more insight into individuals and thus be better prepared to assist.
  9. Entertainment. A private club member can entertain customers or guests and not have to worry about an embarrassing act or appearance that could be possible at a public facility.
  10. Value. You get what you pay for.